Got That Nostalgia Itch?

Stang Boy Customs refurbishes, restores, repairs, and customizes all sorts of video game consoles and peripherals dating back to the late 1980's. We specialize in modified Game Boys and Nintendo 64 controllers, and also manufacture replacement parts.

About us

Elliott Stanger started Stang Boy Customs in a one-bedroom apartment in Greensboro, North Carolina, modding his original DMG-01 Game Boy  in the summer of 2014. His inspiration came after the 25th anniversary of the original Game Boy, and he was inspired to take the plunge into the modding scene. He realized he had a knack for it and asked his sister to send him all of their Game Boys from home so he could continue modding them and make them even better. Following that, Elliott's friends asked him to mod their systems, and it was then Elliott saw an opportunity to grow his hobby. After accumulating several modded systems, he opened up his Etsy store in January 2015. Since then, Stang Boy Customs has sold over 300 systems, consoles, and controllers. Elliott is also a moderator of the Game Boy subreddit, and a frequent collaborator with several local and national retro gaming groups.

Stang Boy Customs has received high praise from several prominent figures in the retro gaming world. Jeremy Parish of Retronauts will be featuring Game Boys modified by Stang Boy Customs in his newest editions of "Game Boy Works." Stang Boy Customs has been a featured vendor at various conventions in the Carolinas, including Super Famicon and the Carolina Games Summit. Stang Boy Customs can be purchased in-person at Matt's Game Exchange in Greensboro and at select video game conventions. 

Stang Boy Customs is still located in Greensboro, North Carolina. For custom work and all inquiries, please contact us through this site or Etsy.